Orkester Norden

Orkester Norden is a youth orchestra founded by the Nordic Lions organization in 1993, whose artistic level is comparable to other youth orchestras in Europe and in the world. About 200 music students from all the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries apply to join the orchestra every year. The age range of orchestra players is 15–26 years.

The orchestra's hosting rotates between the Nordic countries and until 2025, the orchestra is located in Finland and Lahti. Orkester Norden is coordinated and administered by The Finnish Lions Association and City of Lahti. In 2023, the orchestra celebrated its 30th anniversary.

In 2024 the orchestra organizes master course for young musicians first in Lahti and then in Mikkeli with the Symphony Orchestra Vivo. The young musicians are supported in their journey with high amount of professional experience with the eight instructors from different Nordic counties.

Music is a common language, which through this project unites Nordic talents and gives them the opportunity to present masterpieces of orchestral literature to a large audience. Orkester Norden is free for its participants, in order to give a voice to all young musicians who share same level of passion and talent in music.

About 70% of Orkester Norden's musicians, later in their careers, are placed in various professional orchestras around the world.

The 2024 orchestra collaboration with Symphony Orchestra Vivo is a wonderful opportunity of joint forces between these two youth orchestras!

More information: www.orkesternorden.com

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